JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds Review 691209


Quick Summary:

Price: $23,399.00

SKU: 691209


  • Enhanced precision with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO and powerfeeds on X and Y axes
  • Built with Meehanite castings for durability and stability during heavy-duty operations
  • One-shot lubrication system
  • Variable spindle speeds from 70 to 3,800 RPM
  • Large table size


  • Coolant Pump Not Included
  • Quite heavy and large

Personal User Experience with JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill

As someone who has extensively used the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill in a variety of applications, from prototype development to small batch productions, I've come to appreciate its robust design and functionality. It's a machine that, once you've experienced its capabilities and reliability, becomes a cornerstone of the workshop.

Daily Operations and Ease of Use

On a day-to-day basis, the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds stands out for its ease of operation. The digital readout (DRO) is a feature I find invaluable. It's not just about the accuracy it provides, but also the confidence it instills. There's a certain peace of mind that comes with being able to trust your tools, and the DRO on this mill makes complex tasks simpler by eliminating guesswork and continual manual measurements.

The powerfeeds on the X and Y axes are smooth and consistent. This reliability in movement translates to less time tweaking and more time producing. Additionally, the variable spindle speed is straightforward to adjust, allowing for quick changes between different materials and drills. Switching from aluminum to steel, for instance, requires a different approach in terms of speed and feed, and the JTM-1050VS2 makes these adjustments seamless.

Precision and Quality of Work

From a quality perspective, the precision of this mill is its standout feature. The Meehanite® casting of the bed provides an incredibly stable base for operations, minimizing vibrations that could affect the finish of the workpiece. For tasks requiring high precision, such as creating detailed parts for custom machinery, the stability and accuracy of the JTM-1050VS2 have been indispensable.

The quill's fine downfeed is excellent for delicate operations, providing control that is essential when depth of cut is critical. Each component I've worked on using this mill has not only met but often exceeded expectations in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Consistent Performance in Long Sessions

One of the aspects that truly stands out is how well the JTM-1050VS2 handles long machining sessions. During extended projects, consistency is key, and this mill maintains its performance without overheating or losing precision. This is partly due to the internally cooled spindle head, which significantly mitigates the heat buildup that could otherwise affect machining accuracy and tool life. In practice, this means I can run the mill for several hours on a project like milling long slots or crafting complex components without having to pause frequently to let the machine cool down or check for dimensional shifts.

Advanced Features in Action

Another feature that has proven exceptionally useful is the three-stage power downfeed with its automatic stop. This might seem like a small addition, but it greatly enhances productivity, particularly when doing repetitive work. Setting the downfeed allows me to multitask in the shop, preparing other materials or setting up additional parts for machining, while the mill operates autonomously. This functionality not only saves time but also reduces the physical strain of manually controlling feed rates, which is especially beneficial during a full day in the shop.

The precision bored and honed milling head is another point of appreciation. Its ability to consistently produce clean, precise cuts reduces the need for subsequent finish work, which is a significant advantage in both time management and material handling. For example, when working on custom fittings that require tight tolerances, the precision of the milling head ensures that each piece fits correctly the first time, reducing the need for adjustments or rework.

Real-world Applications and Adaptability

From a practical standpoint, the JTM-1050VS2 has been adaptable to a variety of materials and projects. Whether working with soft aluminum, which requires gentle handling and lower speeds, or tougher steels that demand the full power of the 3 HP motor, the mill adjusts quickly and accurately. The large range of spindle speeds (70 to 3,800 RPM) is particularly useful, allowing me to optimize cutting conditions based on material hardness and tooling specifications.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance is a part of any machine's life, and the JTM-1050VS2's one-shot lubrication system simplifies this aspect tremendously. Regular lubrication is vital for longevity and performance, and being able to accomplish this with a single action helps maintain the machine easily without interrupting workflow.

After years of use, the machine shows little sign of wear, a testament to its build quality. The way covers and adjustable gibs have also played a significant role in maintaining the mill's condition by protecting critical components from debris and allowing for adjustments to combat any play that develops over time.

Beaver Industrial Supply

Purchasing the JET JTM-1050VS2 from Beaver Industrial Supply was an exceptionally positive experience. From the beginning, their staff was knowledgeable and genuinely helpful, providing detailed answers to my questions about the mill’s capabilities and suitability for my projects. The ordering process was straightforward and transparent, with regular updates provided about the order status and delivery timeline. Upon arrival, the mill was securely packaged with no issues.

Beaver Industrial Supply also impressed me with their after-sales support, promptly assisting with a few initial setup queries I had. Their customer service made the entire process smooth and reassuring, solidifying my confidence in both the machine and Beaver Industrial Supply as a reliable vendor.

JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds in Detail

The world of machine tools is rich with innovation and competition, and standing out requires delivering unparalleled performance and reliability. The JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill is a testament to JET's commitment to these principles. Equipped with the 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) and X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds, this milling machine offers a robust array of features wrapped in a high-performance package. 

Build Quality and Design

At the heart of the JET JTM-1050VS2 is its superior build quality, characterized by Meehanite® castings. This type of casting is renowned for its minimal defect rate and superior vibrational dampening properties, critical for precision machining. The mill's heavy-duty, hardened and ground 10" x 50" table provides a reliable and sturdy surface for various materials, enhancing the overall machining accuracy.

Further enhancing its durability are the high precision class 7 spindle bearings. These bearings are crucial for supporting the spindle under high-load conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, the spindle itself is cooled internally, preventing overheating during extended use periods.

Precision and Control

Precision in a milling machine is paramount, and the JTM-1050VS2 shines brightly in this aspect. It features a precision-bored and honed milling head, which ensures quality cuts consistently. The large diameter quill is chromed, adding to its durability and precision. These features are complemented by chrome lead screws and Turcite B on the X and Y axes, which facilitate smooth and precise movements, reducing backlash and wear over time.

The inclusion of a 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Digital Readout) significantly enhances the machine's ease of use and accuracy. This advanced DRO system allows for precise measurements and control, making complex jobs simpler and more efficient.

Ease of Use

JET has designed the JTM-1050VS2 with user-friendliness in mind. It includes a three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop, a feature that is incredibly beneficial for repetitive jobs, as it allows for hands-free operation once depth settings are configured. Additionally, the one-shot lubrication system simplifies maintenance, ensuring that all moving parts are adequately lubricated with a single action, thereby extending the life of the machine.


The JTM-1050VS2's motor is a robust 3 HP unit, capable of handling a variety of materials and applications. With variable spindle speeds ranging from 70 to 3,800 RPM, the machine can be adjusted to suit different materials and cutting conditions. The powerfeeds on both the X and Y axes are not only time savers but also enhance the precision of cuts by maintaining consistent feed rates.

Additional Features

No detail is too small in the JTM-1050VS2. From the satin chrome finished dials that add a touch of elegance and additional wear resistance to the chrome-plated motor shaft with bearing support at the end, every component is designed to offer enhanced performance and reliability. The heavy-duty spindle brake, locks on all movable surfaces, and hardened and ground square vertical knee ways all contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment.

Spindle System and Head Movement

One of the standout features of the JET JTM-1050VS2 is its spindle system. The machine boasts a 3-3/8 inch diameter quill, allowing for a robust and rigid setup that can handle even the most demanding tasks. The spindle can travel 5 inches, providing sufficient depth for a variety of applications. Additionally, the head movement capabilities include 90 degrees to the right and left and 45 degrees forward and backward, offering versatility in machining angles and simplifying complex operations.

The spindle speed control is another remarkable feature. With a variable range from 70 to 3,800 RPM, operators can fine-tune the machine to achieve optimal cutting speeds for different materials, from soft plastics to hardened metals. This flexibility not only enhances cut quality but also extends tool life and reduces material waste.

T-Slot Table and Material Handling

The JTM-1050VS2’s table is designed to accommodate a variety of workpieces with its three 5/8-inch T-slots, spaced 2-1/2 inches apart. This setup provides ample room and flexibility for securing materials or fixtures. The table's 720-pound weight capacity is indicative of the robust design, enabling the handling of larger and heavier materials without compromising stability or performance.

Powerfeeds and Digital Readout (DRO)

The X and Y-axis powerfeeds are integral to achieving consistent and precise material movement. By automating the feed rate, these powerfeeds not only improve the precision of cuts but also reduce operator fatigue during long production runs. The three-axis Newall NMS800 digital readout enhances this further by providing real-time feedback on the quill, X, and Y positions, significantly reducing errors and increasing repeatability in machining processes.

Cooling and Lubrication Systems

The internal coolant tank built into the base of the JTM-1050VS2 is a feature designed with productivity in mind. Although the coolant pump is not included, the provision for integrating a cooling system means that thermal management can be effectively maintained, preventing overheating and potential thermal distortion of workpieces. Meanwhile, the one-shot lubrication system ensures that all critical components of the mill are lubricated at the push of a button, safeguarding against wear and extending the lifespan of the machine’s moving parts.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any workshop, and the JET JTM-1050VS2 is equipped with several features to ensure operator safety. The heavy-duty spindle brake allows for rapid stopping of the spindle, crucial in emergency situations or for quick pauses between operations. Additionally, locks on all movable surfaces prevent unintended movements, ensuring that settings remain consistent during the cutting process.

Versatility and Adaptability

With its adjustable gibs, the JTM-1050VS2 allows for fine-tuning of the slides, ensuring that there is minimal play and that movements are smooth and precise. This adjustability is critical for maintaining high precision over the life of the machine. The machine’s large travel capacities, including 30 inches longitudinal and 15-1/4 inches cross-travel of the table, coupled with 14-1/4 inches travel of the knee and 20-1/2 inches of the ram, underscore its capability to handle a wide range of job sizes and complexities.

Warranty and Support

JET's Red Assurance 2-year warranty underscores their confidence in the JTM-1050VS2's reliability and durability. The warranty, coupled with a wide network of authorized service centers, ensures that any required service or repair is handled quickly and efficiently.

JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds Conclusion

The JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill is an exemplary milling machine that balances performance, precision, and ease of use. Its robust construction, coupled with advanced features like the Newall NMS800 DRO, makes it an excellent investment for both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. Whether you are engaged in intricate modeling work or routine shop jobs, the JTM-1050VS2 is built to deliver superior results, backed by JET's trusted warranty and service commitment. For anyone serious about milling, the JET JTM-1050VS2 offers a compelling blend of functionality and performance that can significantly enhance your machining capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds

  1. What type of spindle taper does the JET JTM-1050VS2 have? 
    • The JET JTM-1050VS2 features an R-8 spindle taper, which is commonly used and compatible with a wide variety of tooling options.
  2. Can the digital readout (DRO) display measurements in both metric and imperial units? 
    • Yes, the Newall NMS800 DRO included with the mill can switch between metric and imperial units, providing flexibility depending on your measurement preferences.
  3. What is the maximum weight that the JET JTM-1050VS2's table can support? 
    • The work table on the JET JTM-1050VS2 can support up to 720 lbs, allowing for the handling of large or heavy workpieces.
  4. What are the power requirements for this mill? 
    • The JET JTM-1050VS2 requires a 230/460V power supply and is prewired for 230V. It is equipped with a 3 HP motor.
  5. How does the three-stage power downfeed work? 
    • The three-stage power downfeed on the JTM-1050VS2 allows for automatic control of the cutting depth at three different rates, enhancing precision and reducing manual adjustments during operations.
  6. What maintenance is required for the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill? 
    • Regular maintenance includes checking and refilling the one-shot lubrication system, ensuring that the way covers are clean and intact, and periodically checking for any loose components. Also, maintaining the internal coolant tank and ensuring the spindle and powerfeeds are operating smoothly are important.

JET JTM-1050VS2 review

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds

JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with 3-Axis Newall NMS800 DRO (Quill) with X & Y-Axis Powerfeeds Sale

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2

JET JTM-1050VS2 review

JET JTM-1050VS2 691209 review

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2 691209