JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed Review 691236


Quick Summary:

Price: $19,499.00

SKU: 691236


  • Equipped with Newall NMS800 3-Axis DRO
  • Built with Meehanite castings for durability and stability during heavy-duty operations
  • One-shot lubrication system
  • Variable spindle speeds from 70 to 3,800 RPM
  • Large table size


  • Coolant Pump not included
  • Quite heavy and large

Personal Experience with the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill

Having worked with the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill for several months now, I've come to appreciate its subtle nuances and robust capabilities. Initially, I was drawn to its technical specifications and the promise of unmatched precision, but living with the machine day-to-day has offered a deeper insight into its real-world performance.

Daily Operations and Reliability

My typical workday involves multiple setups and material types, ranging from aluminum to stainless steel. The JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed has handled this variety with ease, largely due to its versatile spindle speed range and robust table size. The variable speed control is particularly beneficial, allowing me to adjust quickly between different materials and cutting requirements without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

The power downfeed with its three-stage settings has been a game changer for operations requiring consistent repeatability, especially when dealing with complex parts or when precision is paramount. It's one of those features that you don’t know you need until you’ve used it, and now I can't imagine working without it.

Precision and Accuracy

One of the biggest challenges in any milling operation is maintaining accuracy throughout long production runs. The Newall NMS800 DRO has proven indispensable in this regard. Its accuracy helps in minimizing errors, ensuring that every part meets strict specifications without constant manual measurements. This digital readout system not only keeps the milling process precise but also significantly speeds up operations.

Handling Diverse Materials

The mill’s capability to handle a wide range of materials effectively is another highlight of my ongoing experience. Whether working with softer materials like aluminum or tougher ones like stainless steel, the machine's power and precision have remained consistent. The variable spindle speeds are easy to adjust, and finding the right speed for the material at hand is less of a guesswork and more of a precise selection, thanks to the reliable RPM range.

Long-term Precision and Durability

In terms of durability, after several months of use, the JTM-1050VS2 continues to operate as if it were new. This longevity can be attributed to the high-quality Meehanite® casting and the robust construction of the table and axes. The chromed quill and hardened ground table have resisted wear remarkably well, even under frequent use and significant load, underscoring the mill's capacity to withstand rigorous work environments.

Practical Benefits

The one-shot lubrication system is another feature that has made a significant impact on daily operations. It simplifies the maintenance routine, ensuring that all moving parts are properly lubricated with just a simple lever pull. This not only saves time but also extends the life of the mill by reducing wear on critical components.

The mill’s internal coolant tank, although I had to add the pump separately, allows for continuous operation even with materials that generate a lot of heat during machining. This feature has helped in maintaining the integrity of the mill bits and workpieces, especially during extended cutting sessions.

Observations on Efficiency and Accuracy

Over time, I've come to rely on the digital readout system more than I initially expected. The precision it offers has not only increased the accuracy of cuts but has also dramatically reduced the time spent on manual measurements and adjustments. This increase in efficiency has been beneficial for project timelines and has reduced the stress associated with complex setups and measurements.

Beaver Industrial Supply

Purchasing the JET JTM-1050VS2 from Beaver Industrial Supply was a notably positive experience. Their customer service team was knowledgeable and helpful, providing clear answers to my questions about the machine’s capabilities and suitability for my specific needs. The ordering process was straightforward, and the delivery was timely and efficient, with the mill arriving in perfect condition.

Beaver Industrial Supply also followed up to ensure that the setup went smoothly and that I was satisfied with the purchase. Their attentiveness and professional service significantly enhanced my confidence in both the product and my choice of supplier.

The JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed in Detail

When it comes to precision and reliability in the world of machining, JET Tools stands out as a frontrunner. Their JTM-1050VS2 Mill, equipped with the Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed, is no exception, offering a wealth of features designed to ensure high-quality milling operations. 

Build Quality and Design

The JTM-1050VS2 is built around certified Meehanite® castings, which provide exceptional stability and resistance to vibrations – a crucial feature for precision machining. The table measures a substantial 10” x 50”, providing ample space for large projects, and it is both hardened and ground to maintain flatness and resist wear over time.

The attention to detail in the design is evident in the chrome lead screws and Turcite B on the X and Y axes, which enhance movement smoothness while reducing backlash. Furthermore, the satin chrome finish on the dials not only adds a touch of class but also enhances readability during operation.

Performance and Precision

Central to the mill's performance is the precision bored and honed milling head, which ensures consistent and quality cuts across different materials. The large diameter quill, chromed for durability, supports a high precision Class 7 spindle bearing, guaranteeing that the spindle runs smoothly and maintains accuracy even under load.

The spindle itself is cooled internally, which is a significant advantage during long milling sessions where heat buildup can affect precision. The machine offers variable spindle speeds ranging from 70 to 3,800 RPM, allowing operators to adjust cutting speed based on material hardness and cutting depth, thereby optimizing tool life and cut quality.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of the JTM-1050VS2 is its ease of use, facilitated by the Newall NMS800 DRO (Digital Readout). This advanced system provides precise and clear readouts on three axes, drastically reducing the chance of errors and the time spent on measurements. Additionally, the X-Axis Powerfeed automates longitudinal movements, making operations smoother and less labor-intensive.

The three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop is a practical feature, especially for repetitive operations, allowing the operator to set up the cut and then focus on other tasks as the mill completes the feed cycle.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is a hallmark of this model, with heavy-duty spindle brakes and locks on all movable surfaces to ensure stability during operation. The machine also includes an integrated coolant tank built into the base for optional use with a coolant system, which can prolong tool life and improve cut quality by reducing thermal deformation.

The one-shot lubrication system simplifies maintenance, ensuring that all critical components are regularly and adequately lubricated with just a push of a lever, minimizing wear and downtime.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Usability

One of the more nuanced features of the JTM-1050VS2 is the sophisticated three-stage power downfeed with automatic stop. This feature is pivotal for precision milling, as it allows the operator to achieve consistent depth for each cut, essential for jobs requiring high tolerance levels. Moreover, the automatic stop functionality adds a layer of safety and convenience by preventing over-travel, which can be critical during unsupervised operations.

The mill’s control system is designed with the user in mind. The interface for the Newall NMS800 3-Axis DRO is intuitive, enabling operators to quickly learn and master its functions. This digital readout system not only displays precise positioning but also includes features that simplify complex tasks like bolt hole patterns, radius milling, and more.

Operational Flexibility

The JET JTM-1050VS2 offers remarkable flexibility, accommodating a wide range of materials and sizes. With a spindle to table maximum distance of 19 inches and a minimum of 5-1/2 inches, it can handle both thick and thin workpieces. This versatility is crucial for shops that work on varied projects, from large-scale industrial parts to delicate components.

The head movement of the mill is another testament to its versatility, with the ability to tilt 90 degrees right and left, and 45 degrees forward and back. This range of motion is invaluable for complex milling operations, allowing the operator to approach the workpiece from the best angle for precision cuts.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any workshop, and the JET JTM-1050VS2 is equipped with numerous features to ensure operator safety. The heavy-duty spindle brake provides immediate stopping power, crucial in emergency situations. Locks on all movable surfaces ensure that the machine components stay in place, reducing the risk of accidental movement.

Additionally, the electrical system includes a no-fuse breaker power connection, enhancing the overall safety by preventing potential electrical overloads, which are common in industrial environments with fluctuating power supply.

Specifications and Warranty

The JTM-1050VS2 is a robust machine, weighing approximately 2,900 pounds, which speaks to its solid construction and stability. It features a 3 HP motor, capable of handling a variety of materials and cutting demands. JET's Red Assurance 2-year warranty covers the mill, providing peace of mind through support from a network of authorized service centers nationwide.

JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed Conclusion

The JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill is a stellar example of engineering excellence, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern machining. With its robust construction, advanced features, and user-friendly operations, it stands out as a top choice for professionals seeking reliability and precision in their milling operations. Whether you are machining complex parts or basic shapes, the JTM-1050VS2 is built to deliver superior performance and lasting reliability, justifying its position as a cornerstone in any machine shop.

Frequently Asked Questions About the JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed

  1. What type of spindle taper does the JET JTM-1050VS2 have? 
    • The JET JTM-1050VS2 features an R-8 spindle taper, which is compatible with a wide range of tooling options commonly used in milling.
  2. What are the table dimensions of the mill? 
    • The table measures 10 inches by 50 inches, providing ample space for large-scale projects and multiple setups.
  3. Can the speed of the spindle be adjusted? 
    • Yes, the mill offers variable spindle speeds ranging from 70 to 3,800 RPM, allowing you to adjust the speed to suit different materials and cutting requirements.
  4. Does the mill come with a warranty? 
    • Yes, it comes with JET's Red Assurance 2-year warranty, which covers service and repairs at authorized service centers.
  5. Is there a cooling system included with the mill? 
    • The mill has an internal coolant tank built into its base for use with a coolant system; however, the coolant pump is not included and must be purchased separately.

JET JTM-1050VS2 review

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed

JET JTM-1050VS2 Mill with Newall NMS800 3-Axis (Knee) DRO & X-Axis Powerfeed Sale

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2

JET JTM-1050VS2 review

JET JTM-1050VS2 691236 review

Review of JET JTM-1050VS2 691236